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With over a decade plus years of experience serving government, healthcare, and corporate clients, Valsatech has established a reputation of delivering solutions on-time, under budget and exceeding expectation.

Valsatech Corp was established in Jan 2008 as a Valsatech is a software testing Services Company which provides end to end test solutions to customer needs. Our services increase software quality, reliability and security while decreasing the costs associated with development, implementation and support. Our mission is to help our Clients to deliver “Bug Free” and secure products. Valsatech premiere reputation is based on applying the most ethical, efficient, productive, and effective solutions that enable clients to achieve the success they are striving for while maintaining costs and achieving quality standards.

Valsatech specializes in customizing standards and best practices to the culture, environment, and strategic objectives of clients. Through strategic consulting and technological solutions to government and commercial problems, Valsatech uses elite consultants, industry best practices, and proven methodologies to consistently achieve client goals. This combination of success factors ensures that Valsatech rapidly achieves measurable, repeatable results that exceed expectations.

Valsatech is dedicated to determining the methodologies that will work best for an organization. Rather than trying to apply a one-size-fits-all solution, Valsatech works with clients to develop the solution that is right for the unique culture, environment, financial situation, and strategic objectives. After careful analysis of organizational needs and environment, Valsatech recommends strategies and technologies that best suit the needs of an organization.

Valsatech Corp is where excellence and expertise in strategic management support combine to provide innovative solutions. We build lasting business relationships; our mission-focused, trusted, and experienced professionals assist in making your business as successful as it can be. You invest in us, and we invest ourselves in your business; we work to provide solutions for your organization as though it were our own. Utilizing proven methodologies and years of expertise, Valsatech delivers results that exceed expectations. In the business of strategic management support, trust is earned. Each of our professional staff members has a responsibility to help develop that bond of trust with each of our partners. A huge part of how we build trust is by acting responsibly. In our industry, that means analyzing and assessing customer needs, formulating a plan, and sticking with the plan… helping our customers improve their business wherever possible.

Subcontracting with Government Clients Center for Medicare and Medicaid systems (CMS), state of Maryland, Care First BCBS (FEPOC), Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Connect your Care,Kelly & Associates, UPS and Verizon etc…, Valsatech has proven its ability to deliver performance measurement analysis, high-quality solutions and QA automation solutions.

The significance of quality assurance is growing consistently in today’s vibrant technology landscape with advanced technologies such as mobility, cloud, high and continuous availability. Valsatech offers wide range of cost effective testing solutions covering industry standard delivery models spread across innumerable technologies and platforms. We partner with client in setting up complete quality assurance solutions around the applications, in order to meet client’s business objectives with our proven and standard best practices.

We are not afraid to bend the rules. After all, innovation has no blueprint. We challenge ourselves in every possible way, and embrace new strategies and technologies to cope up with the changing market trends and practices. We are renowned for testing and scrutinizing various business applications that run on a spectrum of devices and help tracing and eliminate defects, if any. We also thoroughly understand your business needs, to equip you with the best feasible solution. Due to our exposure in the IT industry, we also share valuable statistics and tips to our clients which can help their business to blossom.

Our Testing Services clients benefit from:

  • Total cost of testing reduced by up to 20 – 40%, by identifying critical design defects in early stages of the project itself.
  • Encouraging customers to go for TDD/ BDD approach with CI resulting improved quality in development by preventing more than 90% of high-severity defects and Time to market decreased by at least 20%
  • Our huge proprietary test automation frameworks and reusable assets which can seamlessly integrate with any existing system, with minimal tailoring and configuration changes, saving at least 70% of automation solution design and development.

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