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SSA ITSSC Contract

Valsatech Corp teams with CSRA for SSA ITSSC Contract.

Disability Case Processing System (DCPS) is a critical initiative that will replace 54 independently operated legacy systems used by state agencies (Disability Determination Services or DDSs) that make disability determinations for SSA as required by statute. DCPS will replace outdated legacy systems with a modern, scalable and secure application capable of providing the flexibility and high performance that the DDSs and federal sites need to process disability claims timely and efficiently. 
 Social Security Administration [SSA] has a Division of Integration and Environmental Testing [DIET] branch which is responsible for testing all the applications/portal in an integration environment before moving it to production. SSA – DIET is Responsible for two functions (testing and release to production) within the Construction phase of the New Project Lifecycle. Ensures that all application, configuration, and systems changes across all platforms are documented, coordinated, and tested resulting in a complete integration into the production environment. Valsatech is helping CSRA on key initiatives of BDD approach design and development of framework with open source technologies java/Selenium and cucmber.

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