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Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure is a holistic cloud platform that has revolutionized how developers and IT professionals carry out their activities. Azure is a combination of integrated cloud services that facilitates developers to develop, deploy, run and manage applications through an organized network of datacenters. Azure offers the appropriate tools, platforms, and frameworks to build and deploy preferred applications thus giving you freedom to develop diverse applications.

At Valsatech, we have gone beyond the obvious to enable our customers test new scenarios for their modern technologies. Determining the exact resources needed when moving to the cloud is very difficult for many businesses due to lack of technical knowhow. Also, when developing new applications, it is hard to evaluate the application architecture to leverage appropriate cloud resources required. As a result, our POC gives you the ability to scale the server to a thousand multiple servers over a short period. The Azure environment integrates well with the on premise environment which gives you enough details to determine the best business model.

Developing software applications is difficult especially if the software is being developed in phases or through collaboration. Our services further incorporates continuous integration and deployment pipeline (CI/CD).

The CI/CD pipeline facilitates the development of software applications that meet the set quality control standards. It further reduces the errors during deployment, guarantees high quality software, easy integration and automated tests. Every time a developer makes changes, the changes are tested instantly. The CI facilitates easy identification and fixing of errors.

Our services help you to

  • Develop quality software applications that meets the appropriate quality control standards by ensuring every change is tested before being committed.
  • Develop applications quickly by providing an avenue of identifying and fixing bugs instantly.
  • Help you determine appropriate business model by providing a POC platform.


IT Transformation

IT Systems based on legacy technology have served well over years but eventually it will fall behind to take advantage of modern features and modern cloud power. Maintenance of system build with old technology is difficult and its involves lot of risk for change like cost, time, resource pool. We can help to reshape IT by leveraging modern tools, technology and infrastructure to support legacy products

Code Modernization & Microservices

We can help to transform existing application code to a modern application architecture based on microservices, leveraging more Open Source Technologies and responsive fluid UI, running in containers for rapid application deployment, portability across different hosts, component reuse, efficient resource utilization and simplified maintenance

Cloud Migration

We can help Organization to move the IT infrastructure starting from Establish strategy and goals to delivery and support. We have skilled resources who help Federal agencies to successfully do cloud migration


As more and more organizations are adapting the Agile Framework for their Software Development and Delivery, we believe to build agile and scalable infrastructure by using DevOps with continues integration & continues delivery(CI/CD), Automated Regression Testing and Automated Load testing. DevOps, CI/CD and cloud helps significantly reduce Total Cost of Ownership(TCO)of any application.

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